How to Choose The Right Hostess Gift For Your Hanukkah Party Host

How to Choose The Right Hostess Gift For Your Hanukkah Party Host

Tips For Being A Gracious Hanukkah Party Guest

Whether you have a Jewish background or not, a Hanukkah party is a grand holiday celebration. As a guest, you want to show your hosts gratitude. However, it can be hard to settle on the right gift – especially if you’re not familiar with Hanukkah.

During the eight days of Hanukkah, one gift is given each day – though one gift should suffice at a party. Make your gift count by choosing from our suggestions below.

elegant hostess gift ideas for hanukkah party

Gift Ideas For The Hostess

From classic and elegant to practical, we’ve compiled a list of great Hanukkah gift ideas. For color schemes or wrapping, you may choose a blue and white palette. These are the colors most often associated with Hanukkah – the Israeli flag is blue and white, but the colors have a much deeper meaning.

Royal Blue Rose Arrangement

Roses bring warmth and elegance to any room, making them the ultimate decoration. Through Dose of Roses, you can create and order a personalized rose arrangement for any occasion. For a Hanukkah gift that will impress your hosts, consider something bold and vivacious. We recommend a solid-style large round dome with royal blue roses in a black suede box.


Kosher Wine

Kosher’ is a term that applies to any food or beverage that is prepared in accordance with Jewish Dietary Law. Not all Jewish people eat kosher food, and kosher food can be enjoyed by anyone, Jewish or not. Still, a bottle of kosher wine is a safe bet for a Hanukkah party gift. Check the label of your wine – you may choose to ask a liquor store clerk for help finding kosher wine or specifically shop at a kosher market.

24K Gold-Dipped Blue Rose

Gold and roses are both iconic symbols of luxury and elegance – so why not combine them? Consider a royal blue rose dipped in 24-karat gold from Dose of Roses. These roses are delicately picked and preserved until they are trimmed in sparkling gold, and each rose comes with a stand so it can be used as a stunning décor piece.


Kitchenware (Mosaic, Ceramic, or Clay)

Any party host would be overjoyed to have a new piece of kitchenware – especially a piece gifted with loving sentiments. Choose a piece made from mosaic, ceramic, or clay materials for a classic touch.

Luxury Throw Blanket

Throw blankets make a great gift since they double as a piece of stylish home décor and a practical item that will certainly come in handy as winter wages on. A luxury throw blanket shows that you truly care about your host – consider gifting one that matches the host’s home setup.

Traditional Hanukkah Cookbook

If your hostess is a budding chef or just wants to get in touch with their culture, a traditional Jewish cookbook goes a long way. Jewish cookbooks provide quite a wide catalog, with something for every kind of cook. Your host will appreciate your gift as they sharpen their ability to cook desserts, artisan dishes, Mediterranean dishes, or something else of your choosing.

Royal Blue Rose Bear 

While roses are emblematic of luxury and passion, they can be fun, too. Consider a royal blue rose teddy bear from Dose of Roses. These are not your typical teddy bear – they are designed with synthetic roses that last a lifetime and are completed with a satin bow. This gift is perfect for families or for any host who could use a burst of joy.

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