How to Mix and Match Roses for Your Wedding

How to Mix and Match Roses for Your Wedding

Why Choose Roses for Your Wedding? 

Roses have become arguably the most popular flower used for wedding bouquets and decorations. However, there are so many different colors and arrangements that you can design with these flowers. 

In this article, we will be discussing why roses are the perfect choice for your wedding, why you should mix and match instead of going monochromatic, and a few stunning color combinations that you can take inspiration from.  

Why Choose Roses for Your Wedding? 

A rose is one of the most elegant flowers out there, making it a perfect wedding decoration. More so, they are often used to symbolize love and beauty, being a very popular Valentine's Day gift.  

Why Mix and Match Instead Of Going Monochromatic? 

Mixing and matching flower colors at a wedding is becoming an incredibly popular choice, and for good reason. When you use multiple colors that each work well with each other, it can make a room look more blended and complementary. More so, using various colors can brighten and liven the room up a bit, especially if most of your other decorations are plain white.  

Color Combination Ideas 

Red, White, And Black 

A red, white, and black rose arrangement is very sleek, stylish, and modern-looking. More so, all three colors match the theme of any wedding perfectly, as red is a symbol of love, and white and black are often worn by the bride and groom.  


Different Shades Of Pink 

Pink is also a color that is commonly used to symbolize love, making it the perfect shade for any wedding. Pink roses have a very delicate feel to them, meaning that various shades can be used to soften up a venue and leave it looking absolutely beautiful.  

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Light Blue, Peach, And White 

Light blue, peach, and white roses can be used to make a stunning wedding bouquet. Even though this color palette is a little less common, it is perfect for any outdoor or beach-themed weddings.  

Orange, Burgundy, And White 

If your wedding is a little more rustic-themed, an orange, burgundy, and white color palette may be the perfect way to go, especially during the fall. You can order stunning arrangements using these colors, giving your venue a mature and warm feel.  


Yellow And White 

The happiest color out there is yellow, meaning that it could be used to give your wedding venue that pop of sunshine that it may need. Yellow and white rose arrangements can work wonders for brightening up a room and leaving it feeling airy and open.  



If you want to be a little different, you could opt for tie-dyed roses. Surprisingly, these multi-colored flowers look very smart when paired with an all-white venue.  

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As with tie-dyed arrangements, galaxy roses are a little less common. However, they can be used to add plenty of color and personality to an otherwise plain room.  


Roses are a symbol of love, making them the perfect wedding flower. A few stunning flower arrangement color combinations that you could draw inspiration from include different shades of pink, red, white, and black, and galaxy.

Each combination has a unique feel to it that can work wonders for brightening up your wedding venue.