How to Spruce Up Your Foyer With Flowers

How to Spruce Up Your Foyer With Flowers

Transform Your Home’s Entryway With These Flower-Inspired Ideas 

Your home’s entryway is one of the most important sections to consider for decorations. When people walk into your home, your foyer is the first thing they see, and if it’s decorated well, your entire home will seem refreshing.

One of the easiest ways to add flare to a foyer is by cleverly adding flowers. Since they vary in shape, size, and color, there are plenty of ways to use flowers to your advantage when decorating an entryway. Keep these tips in mind for decor success.

Flowery Foyer Decorating Tips

Blend Flowers And Plants

You might be stuck between deciding on decorating with rich, green plants or lively flowers – but don’t worry, there’s no need to choose. Flowers and plants are the perfect pair, according to many expert decorators. You may choose to make a pattern out of the two, or choose plants that compliment your flower choices. 

Use Creative Vases

Some flower fanatics are afraid to use vases that overpower the appearance of the flowers. However, embracing vases with unique designs will open your foyer to a world of options. Daring colors and complex patterns are found on striking vases, and oversized vases are a decorator’s greatest secret.

Pick A Color Scheme 

There’s no need to settle for a boring foyer. Sure, white, black, and brown are considered classics for a reason, but why not spruce things up? Choose an accent color, like posh pink or an unexpected orange. If you can’t settle on one color, mix and match until you find what works for you. 

Add Some Shine With Galaxy Roses

Looking to add a decorative piece with an otherworldly appeal? Galaxy roses provide the beauty of flowers with a cosmic twist. These roses were hand-picked from farms in Ecuador, then frozen and dipped in a stunning iridescent coating. For best results, these shimmering flowers should be placed in a translucent vase.

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Array of Flowers

A bouquet of flowers on its own is a solid decoration, but why stop at just one? Set up similar or identical flowers in a row, with space in between each. This array technique is a classic, effective approach to design, and it works best in hallways or on long tables.

Upside-Down Flower Chandelier

Looking for creative decorating methods? Flip the script with this gorgeous, gravity-defying twist. Carefully hang a dome of flowers upside-down, and place them strategically on your foyer’s ceiling. A flower chandelier is sure to make your entryway stand out.

Decorate With Colorful Objects 

Flowers don’t have to be the only colorful items in your entryway. Vibrant rugs and saturated pillows can make your foyer more lively, and when combined with flowers, provide a fun twist on your home’s entrance.

With a foyer full of flowers, you’ll feel like you’re stepping into paradise every time you walk through your front door. Don’t forget to rearrange your foyer frequently so you can fall in love with your new decorations all over again.