How to Survive a Breakup Without Breaking Down

How to Survive a Breakup Without Breaking Down

Dos and Don’ts for Healing After a Breakup 

When someone breaks your heart, it can feel like the whole world is ending. However, these negative feelings (usually) always pass.

Depending on how you handle the aftermath of the breakup, you can quickly mend your broken heart – or let your sadness linger for much longer than it should. Consider our list of dos and don’ts below for a smooth healing process. 

Avoid These Breakup Pitfalls

DON’T Bottle Up Your Emotions

It’s easy to convince yourself that hiding your emotions will make them go away. In reality, you will probably reach a boiling point, and your emotions will explode.

DON’T Check Their Social Media 

Surviving a breakup is particularly difficult in the digital age. That’s because technology makes it easy to keep up with what someone’s doing, even if you’re not together anymore. Try to take an “out of sight, out of mind” approach with your ex – that means limiting contact, and not creeping their social media profiles.

Instead, Try These Tips

DO Maintain Normal Habits

When you’re heartbroken, you may feel like giving up on yourself. You deserve better than that. Instead of falling apart, do your best to maintain your normal routine, and get plenty of rest. Your future self will thank you.

DO Treat Yourself

It’s up to you to elevate your own confidence after a breakup. To do this, aim for harmless ways to indulge and cheer up. Roses are a great way to do this – who says you can’t give yourself flowers? Or, why not assemble a new wardrobe? If your version of self-care is particularly indulgent, don’t become too self-critical.


DO Surround Yourself With Supportive People

It’s common to experience loneliness after a relationship falls apart. Rather than giving into that loneliness, strengthen your support system by getting in contact with your friends. The people who care about you most will know exactly how to guide you through your situation. 

DO Write It Down

Journaling is often recommended to people who are experiencing something heartbreaking or challenging. Sometimes, the best way to let your emotions out is to put them on paper. Even if you crumble the paper up and throw it away at the end, the act of writing should heal you. 

DO Be Patient With Yourself 

Healing takes time, no matter how long your relationship lasted or how strong it was. Don’t try to rush the healing process. When you feel ready to date again, take baby steps, and in no time you’ll forget you were ever upset. 

Breakups are difficult, but you’ll always come out stronger on the other side. By engaging in productive, healthy habits rather than self-destructive behavior, you’ll heal in no time.