How to Survive Valentine’s Day If It’s Your Least Favorite Holiday

How to Survive Valentine’s Day If It’s Your Least Favorite Holiday

Don’t Like Valentine’s Day? Make the Best of It With These Tips

Some people cherish Valentine’s Day for its romantic atmosphere. Then, there are those of us who are repulsed by it.

Seeing symbols of romance everywhere you go can be annoying or jarring for many single people. Even people in happy relationships find themselves getting sick of the holiday’s mega-romantic messaging.

How can you get through February 14th if you can’t stand Valentine’s Day? Keep reading for our survival tips.

What To Do If You Hate Valentine’s Day

Do Things By Yourself

Valentine’s Day is supposed to celebrate relationships – and what relationship is more important than the one you have with yourself? Fly solo, and spend the day doing things you love. Go to the movies, spa, museum, or anything that makes you feel fulfilled.

Go Axe-Throwing With a Friend

Is being around couples making you angry? Blow off steam by going to an axe-throwing range. No matter how strong or athletic you consider yourself, axe-throwing is a great way to add some edge to the most tender day of the year.

Have a “Singles Only” Party

If you don’t have a partner on Valentine’s Day, you’re not alone. Invite over your other single friends and embrace your independence. Who knows – you might meet next year’s valentine.

Decorate With Anti-Love Decorations

Valentine’s Day decorations usually consist of red-and-pink hearts and flowers. Spin that idea on its head and turn your home into the ultimate anti-love shrine. Decorate with captivating black roses and cut-outs of broken hearts. You can even get candy hearts with jaded messages printed on them.


Be Productive

Why can’t February 14th just be another day on the calendar? Spend the day pivoting into your best life: renovate your home, book that appointment, or accomplish something on your to-do list. When you’re done, don’t forget to treat yourself. Even busybodies deserve a little love.

Have a Self-Care Day

Self-care isn’t just about treating yourself. It’s good for your well-being to relax and do things you enjoy. Book a spa treatment, do some retail therapy, or power through a season of your favorite TV show.

What To Do If Your Partner Hates Valentine’s Day

Have an “Anti-Date”

You can still cherish your own relationship while rejecting the traditions attached to Valentine’s Day. Plan a date that pokes fun at the holiday’s cheesy tropes. You might even bond over your distaste for sappy gestures of love.

Watch Something That’s Not Romantic

You don’t have to watch a tear-jerking drama or romantic comedy just because it’s Valentine’s Day. Switch things up and put on a crass comedy, bone-chilling horror, or thrilling action film.

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