How to Throw a Virtual Staff Party – Plus Thoughtful Gifts They’ll Love!

How to Throw a Virtual Staff Party – Plus Thoughtful Gifts They’ll Love!

Help Your Staff Celebrate and Bond with a Virtual Event

Staff parties are a great chance for employees to bond and celebrate. However, COVID-19 has changed workplaces for the time being. Many employees work remotely, and an in-person gathering doesn’t seem like a viable option. Don’t let the pandemic ruin your chances of throwing a great staff celebration. Instead, embrace the digital age with an epic virtual party.

For the best virtual staff celebration, you’ll need to cover a lot of ground. Keep reading for ideas on how to stay organized, plan fun events, and pick out gifts for staff.

Plan the Perfect Virtual Staff Party

Take Care of the Basics

Virtual parties are new to most of us, so it’s easy to fall into amateur traps. As a host, you should want to keep the party structured. To do that, you’ll need to be in charge of the basics: choose a free virtual chat service, distribute the link, choose the schedule, and help anyone troubleshoot – there’s bound to be technical difficulties, especially if this is your first virtual gathering.

Break the Ice

Even if your staff is already acquainted, it has probably been a long time since they saw each other in a social context. Start the party with a round of icebreakers. You could ask staff to share their interests or favorite things, or play “two truths and a lie.”

Have Fun

There are plenty of fun activities to keep the party lively – and they’re easy to do over a video chat. You could challenge staff to pick funny video backgrounds, play Family Feud, have an ugly sweater competition, or participate in a virtual escape room – or, think of your own creative activity.

Take Note of Staff Achievements

You should avoid talking about work too much at the party, but there’s one important exception: celebrate the achievements and hard work that your staff have contributed. You could do a virtual toast, or hold an awards ceremony.

Gift Ideas

It’s common courtesy to give staff presents during a party. Of course, it’s easier to do this in-person, but there are still ways to dole out gifts digitally.


Flowers are a great gift, and roses are a particularly versatile option. These vivid flowers can be given a token of appreciation, a symbol of beauty, or a great item to display in an arrangement or as a decorative item.

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Digital Gift Card

It’s hard to come up with gifts that will please everyone, so let staff pick out their own gift. Gift cards are perfect for digital parties, as they can be distributed via digital code.

Cash or Bonus

Still stuck? If there’s one present staff won’t say no to, it’s cash. This crowd-pleasing option doubles as a token of gratitude, and you want your staff to know that they’re appreciated.