How To Treat Yourself to Some Romance This V-Day

How To Treat Yourself to Some Romance This V-Day

Flying Solo on Valentine’s Day? No Problem!

No matter your reasons for spending Valentine’s Day solo, it is just as important to treat yourself as it is others. Use this day to start a tradition of pampering yourself. Not sure where to start? Here are some ideas.

Spending Valentine’s Day Alone

Spa Day

You deserve a spa day just as much as anyone else. So, treat yourself to one, guilt-free. Today is your day. Why not spend it relaxing and being pampered, doing only feel-good things.

Get a Massage

This is especially a day where you should not be feeling badly for taking care of yourself. Self-care is as important as caring for others, so book yourself a massage and allow yourself to relax. It’s your turn.

Dinner Out 

Depending on the restrictions in your neck of the wood with the pandemic, going out for dinner does not have to be a multiple-person affair. In fact, if you’ve never tried dining alone, we highly recommend it. Treat yourself to dinner at your favourite spot.

Take a Class 

Is there something you have always wanted to learn but never have? Is there something you’re passionate about and want to explore? Now is your chance to jump on the opportunity to book a class and make an investment in yourself.  You won’t regret it.

Go Shopping, Treat Yourself

Book an afternoon to do things you absolutely love. Whether that is shopping for something you’ve always wanted, treating yourself to something you’ve hesitated to buy, or visit something you have always wanted to see. This one’s for you, and you only.  


Get Pampered at The Salon

This is one for any age and any gender. An afternoon at the salon getting yourself groomed, bedazzled, and looking fresh will do wonders for your soul.


Go to a Play or Concert

This one may be a bit difficult to do now with the restrictions of the pandemic, but if you look online, there are actually a whole lot of shows and virtual home concerts that you can attend. Which is a super cool and awesome experience in itself.

Spending Valentine’s Day alone does not have to be a grim or sad experience. It’s all in your approach and attitude. See it as a day to love yourself. You deserve every second of it!