Luxury Car Dealership Gift Ideas For Clients

Luxury Car Dealership Gift Ideas For Clients

Ways To Show Appreciation After The Purchase of a Luxury Vehicle

As a luxury vehicle dealer, you know your client has an eye for nice things – that’s why they approached you. As a sign of appreciation, it is common to give clients a thank-you gift. This will contribute to both your positive reputation and the client’s experience. To pick the right gift, keep reading for suggestions.

Square Rose Arrangement

Roses are lively and luxurious, making them an excellent gift to give your client. A rose alone is nice, but why not treat your client to a stunning, long-lasting arrangement from Dose of Roses? Consider a leather square arrangement to leave a bold impression on your client.


Personalized Roses

You want your client to know that you value their time and selection. By customizing a rose arrangement, you’ll show your client that you care about the exchange you shared. Through Dose of Roses, you can customize a rose arrangement by choosing the style, color scheme, note attached, and much more.

Restaurant Gift Certificate

Give your client the opportunity to flaunt their new ride by giving them a gift certificate to a nearby restaurant. You don’t want to pick just any restaurant, though. Instead, show your client that you have good judgment by letting them know that you hand-picked something luxurious and critically well-received.

Luxury Chocolates

Chocolates can be more than just a sweet tooth satisfier – a luxurious assortment of chocolates can also impress your client. Consider a gourmet box of handcrafted truffles from Dose of Roses – these truffles are hand-selected and designed to be memorable and delicious.

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Champagne symbolizes celebration, so it makes a perfect gift to mark the celebratory purchase of a luxury car. You may choose to pair this gift with champagne flutes or a nice card – though a bottle of champagne on its own is surely enough to win the affections of your client.

Fine Spirits

A versatile gift choice, liquor is a particularly luxurious gift that will leave your client impressed. Choose a bottle of liquor that is unique but not too intimidating, and consider pairing it with a nice drink mixer or a collection of cocktail recipes.

Round Marble Rose Arrangement

The gift itself is meant to impress your client, and the way it is arranged can make it even better. Consider a stunning round rose arrangement from Dose of Roses. These long-lasting roses are delicately arranged in a stylish marble casing, and the spherical design is striking from any angle.

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Galaxy Roses 

Plain roses are beautiful, but galaxy roses from Dose of Roses are out of this world. Galaxy roses are like nothing your client will have ever seen – they’re frozen and dipped in an iridescent holographic coating to bring an otherworldly glow to the roses.

Galaxy roses are available in a few different arrangement styles, and each rose is unique and glimmering to perfection.