Luxury Hanukkah Party Décor

Luxury Hanukkah Party Décor

Tips For Hosting Your Next Hanukkah Party

The holiday season brings a sense of joy that calls on people to come together. A Hanukkah party is a great opportunity to combine love, laughter, and tradition.

Though parties can – and should – be fun, they can be elegant, too. With these tips, you’ll be ready to organize a celebration that is warm and elegant while enjoyable to all.

Who To Invite

It’s important to invite a number of people that lends itself to intimacy without feeling too small. If you choose to invite guests that do not know each other, it’s a common courtesy for hosts to provide prompts or activities for guests to become acquainted.

You can still invite guests who do not celebrate Hanukkah – in fact, doing so is a great way to share your culture and bring people from different backgrounds together.

elegant hanukkah party decor ideas by dose of roses

How to Decorate Your Home For The Hanukkah Celebration

Blue + White/Silver Or Gold Colour Scheme

Party-planning pros agree that a color scheme is necessary – it brings a sense of professionalism and comfort. The most luxurious palette, of course, is silver and gold. Choose décor that offers these metallic shades, and don’t be afraid to add pops of color as well. Blue and white is a classic Hanukkah palette, making blue an excellent choice for an accent color.

Adorn Your Dwellings With Lots Of Flowers

Roses symbolize passion and beauty. They are the ideal decoration for their passionate and luxurious radiance. Through Dose of Roses, you can consider a creative arrangement of roses, like a bold leather square or a show-stopping marble globe of roses – or you could customize your own arrangement.

Get Magical Centerpieces

The center of the dining table may seem minuscule, but it can add the perfect finishing touch to a decorated room. Consider something truly enchanting, like a sparkling LED blue rose. Another eye-catching option is a zero-gravity galaxy rose. These flowers float over oak or walnut using magnetic levitation – your guests won’t be able to look away.

Lots of Lights

Bright lighting is a must for a holiday party. Consider arranging your lights in a creative pattern to increase the sense of elegance in your home. Get creative, too. String lights and candles are both great alternatives to simple lamps.

Keep Traditions Alive

Your party’s Hanukkah theme is part of what makes it special, so make sure to include some classic Hanukkah traditions. Consider a menorah lighting, serving traditional dishes, or a gift exchange. If you have guests that don’t normally celebrate Hanukkah, they’ll appreciate the opportunity to learn about their host’s culture.

Don't Go Overboard On The Décor – Think Simple And Elegant

The stress of party planning may lead you towards an abundance of clashing decorations, but most party guests agree that less is more. Keep it simple with a classy display of elegant décor, rather than an overwhelming crowd of decorations that clash.