Luxury Valentines Day Gift Ideas

Luxury Valentines Day Gift Ideas

Refine Your Celebration With These Elegant Gift Suggestions

When it comes to Valentine's Day, your loved one deserves more than a last-minute gift from the drugstore. This article will provide luxury gift ideas to inspire love and evoke romance, including stunning arrangements of roses.


Say it with roses. According to Greek mythology, roses grew from the tears of Aphrodite. In the language of flowers, a rose communicates love.

You can't go wrong with roses.

Dose of Roses offers bouquets of the iconic flower in a luxurious marble pattern gift box. You can choose a black or white marble box depending on your (or their) style, as well as six size options ranging from one bloom to 150.

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24K Gold-Dipped Roses

Speaking of roses, how about blending another favorite Valentine's gift idea with your flowers? Everyone loves gold.

These are synthetic blooms with a little added oomph and pizzazz. Even better? They will last forever.

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Enchanted Rose

For a love that will never fade, consider this stylish, red rose LED lamp housed in a glass dome, inspired by the romantic fairy tale.

It is a special way of telling that special someone that your love will only grow deeper as time passes.

A stunning piece of decor, this faux bloom lamp with little lights embedded on the petals will look like true magic no matter where you place it – at home, the office, or the bedroom. Even the fallen petals at the base are illuminated.

The 40 bulbs of subtle, warm light will make their heart glow too. With eight lighting modes that flicker continuously, it also serves as excellent mood lighting for your most romantic moments.


Satin Robe

There isn't much that is more sensual to lounge in than a silky, satin robe.

Relax in style before or after a bubble bath, or set the mood by slipping into the Doses of Roses Passionate Lover satin red robe when you want “something a little more comfortable.”

This garment is 100 per cent polyester and comes in three sizes.

Sometimes the best Valentine's gifts are the ones you treat yourself with.



If your sweetheart has a sweet tooth, you might want to opt for chocolates as your romantic gift this Valentine's Day. But why not venture outside the usual chocolates available in the shops they have most likely already tasted?

At Doses of Roses, luxury chocolates are available in six different variety boxes. The smallest option is the Dose of Chocolates box, which comes with five pieces. The largest is the Kiss You All Over with 16 pieces.

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Rose Bear

A cuddly teddy bear is always a good idea on Valentine's Day. When you're not around, your loved one can give it a squeeze and remember you.

What better way to add romance to cute than by completely covering a teddy in roses?

The Rose Bear comes in one size, Medium, measuring 14 inches tall.

It also comes with a signature clear display box just in case your love wants to keep the teddy bear as a decorative piece at home.

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Another luxury romantic gift idea is perfume. Any new scent can help add layer to your romance. Most high-end fragrances can be intoxicating. For bonus points, choose a scent that matches her personality or reflects an element of your relationship.

Galaxy Roses

Let them know how much they make your heart sparkle with roses that shine just like your love.

Each Galaxy Rose is handmade with delicate care by professionals, with iridescent rose petals and leaves. Our Ecuador-grown roses are frozen and made into molds, allowing the Galaxy Roses to be made into authentic shapes from them.


An iridescent holographic coating is applied by hand over each rose with careful precision. Thus, each rose is one of a kind and made to last a lifetime.

They measure 11 inches each, attached to a golden stem, and come beautifully packaged in a decorative luxury box.

Whether you opt for a romantic satin robe, luxe jewelry, high-end perfume or unique roses, make sure to take your Valentine's gifts to the next level this year. There is no better day to spoil your sweetheart with a luxury gift than Valentine's Day.