Nursery Décor Ideas and Trends

Nursery Décor Ideas and Trends

How To Put Together the Perfect Baby Nursery

One of the most beautiful experiences when expecting a child, is to spend time connecting to a life being create right before your eyes. The miracle of it all, the future you imagine them to have, it’s a bonding experience unlike any other.

Nesting is life’s natural way of allowing you to take the time you need to prepare for the most incredible transformation. In this article, we explore ideas for creating a unique and personal nursery that will have a tremendous impact on your child’s life.

Decorating Ideas

Your child’s nursery will become an oasis for the both of you. A place where positive energy, nurturing love and peace should live. A reflection of the dreams, hopes and aspirations you have for them.

Below are some tips on how to create a magically soothing environment for your soon-to-be little love.

Pink or Blue Flowers

There is a reason why both blue and pink are classic colours for nurseries. Adding luxurious arrangements in these colours offers timeless and natural beauty to your baby’s abode. Contained in a circular marbled box and lasting up to 5 years, this piece represents clarity, stability, unity, and eternity.


Rose Bear

Bears are a classic staple for any child, creating lifetime memories. Incorporating a handmade bear crafted with roses that will last for years into your baby’s nursery, will surely provide them with beautiful memories. Designed with love and synthetic roses, these handmade Rose Bears require no care. A welcomed benefit for any busy parent. 

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Galaxy Roses

If you want to add a truly special and fascinating piece to your baby’s nursery, galaxy roses are an exquisite choice. Delicate, handcrafted with the utmost precision and iridescent in colour, they are designed to last an eternity, adding a uniquely sentimental piece to your child’s oasis.


Follow a Pink, Blue, or Neutral Colour Palette

Some colours are simply timeless and allow for transitional ease when the time comes for change. Calming colours will always be an excellent choice for nurseries. You should create a world that inspires a serene environment for both parents and baby. 


Wall Decals

Wall decals are another form of personalization which do not take up any space in the room. Whatever your theme choice, ensure that you maintain an environment which encourages tranquility.

Add a Fun Light Fixture

Babies are seeing the world for the first time. They are filled with wonder and delight. Adding a beautiful and unique light fixture is an impactful statement. One that will surely be absorbed by your little one for years to come.

Incorporate Personal Touches

Your baby’s nursery is where their dreams begin to take shape, quite literally. Take the time to add items that are personal and unique to who you are, as a family. Your child’s nursery should incorporate the most beautiful and important lessons you want them to absorb in life. 

Look for a Unique Mobile

Your baby will spend a lot of time admiring a mobile. They are soothing and help transition your child into a restful sleep, all while exposing them to the wonders of music, rhythm, and movement. These pieces should be a reflection of your family’s uniqueness or what you view as beautiful, peaceful, and tranquil.

Avoid Too Much Décor

Baby’s senses will be stimulated by virtually everything around them, so you may want to reserve the brighter colours and busy environments for their play area, away from the bedroom. Ensure that the nursery remains a place where restful sleep is encouraged. Simplicity, in this case, is best.

Serenity Now

Providing a tranquil and calming environment with natural touches for your baby promotes a sense of peace and wellbeing.


Incorporating roses into their nursery can add beauty and elegance to your child’s life in ways you never thought possible. And nothing can add the beauty of roses quite like Dose of Roses.