Out-of-the-Box Engagement Party Themes

Out-of-the-Box Engagement Party Themes

The Ultimate Fun Engagement Party Idea List

After getting engaged, it can be an exciting time to start planning what your big day will look like, but first, let’s start with the engagement party!

If the standard, classic themes don’t reflect who you both are as a couple, let’s hammer out some of the best and most breathtaking ideas to plan and celebrate your genuine, one-of-a-kind love for one another.


Themes to Get Excited About

Great Gatsby

The 1920s, romance in New York, wealth, and a plethora of love stories. This is a theme that will leave you feeling posh and classy.


Decade-Inspired (50s, 60s, 80s, 90s etc.)

If reminiscing about the past or indulging in thoughts of simpler times makes you feel warm and fuzzy all over, consider a decade-inspired theme. The ideas for whichever decade you choose to go with are endless and each one screams “fun.”

The Bachelor

Black-tie, sultry, and velvety roses, mood lighting, candles…you’re bound to wow every guest you have invited to your special celebration.


Think Jazz music, casinos, secret agents, and pure mystery. This theme has a magical feel to it that everyone can partake in. You can even customize the night to test your guests’ knowledge about the personal details of how you met.


Maybe it’s part of your story, perhaps not, but if carnivals are part of your happiest memories, this theme is bound to make your guests feel nostalgic. Everyone will be in awe of the endless array of colours to set the mood. Big band, red and white stripes, ticket booths…this one is as colourful and fun as your love for one another.   


New Year’s Eve

Champagne toasts, countdowns, confetti and reflections of years gone by; this celebration theme is a sure-fire way to get everyone to celebrate your blossoming future as one.



It does not have to be Halloween to feel like it. If this time of year is a big part of your story (or not), a Halloween-themed costume engagement party can be elegant, playful or sexy and gothic with lush red and black roses coating every inch of the room.

Pool Party

Whether your relationship blossomed in summer or it’s is a large part of your best memories, a pool party theme can bring out everyone’s fun side and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Summer Camp

Perhaps you met as camp counsellors or even attended summer camp as participants and fell madly in love. Maybe you simply love the theme altogether because it brings back happy memories. Whichever it is, summer camp brings about a feeling of both nostalgia, fireside stories, games, and teamwork. This one will definitely get your loved ones going by having them participate in all kinds of great activities that can be tailored to showcase your love for one another.


It’s not called the most magical place on earth for nothing. No matter who your guests are or how significant this theme might be in your lives, you will most definitely put a smile on everyone’s face and set the tone for an absolutely magical party.


No matter what theme you decide to go with, the ultimate stars of the party will be you. This is a day to celebrate your love. The theme will simply enhance its greatness.