Picking the Perfect Flower Arrangement for Your Proposal

Picking the Perfect Flower Arrangement for Your Proposal

How to Incorporate Flowers When You Pop the Question

You've got the ring, the plan and the intention, but what about the flowers? A romantic setting is always going to be important when you pop the question to the one you love. While you may not be in control of whether she says yes or no, you can certainly help your chances by ensuring that she is left with no doubt in her mind that you're a true romantic and will always show up to wow her with flowers.

Fill the Room With Dramatic Flower Arrangements

Imagine how surprised she will feel when she walks into a room at home to find large, unique flower arrangements on every surface. You can opt for flower boxes, bouquets, cut blooms in vases, or even spell out her name or your question with flowers. At Doses of Roses, you can customize several different flower arrangements ranging from luxurious ones in suede gift boxes to large spelled-out messages. You can literally say it with flowers!

Scatter Rose Petals On The Floor

If your sweetheart is someone with a classic heart, she will love scattered rose petals when you propose. These are easy to find and use to create an iconic romantic mood. You can customize it by opting for different petal colors or placing them sprinkled out in different shapes. Some might enjoy a line leading to a special location you have thoroughly decorated or to a location or object that is significant to your relationship. Some others might sprinkle them in a lovely circle or heart shape.

Propose In Front Of A Flower Wall

You've considered scattered rose petals and filling a room entirely with flowers, but what about making a whole wall built from flowers? This makes a very romantic backdrop for one of the most special moments you'll share in your lives together, but also serves a few purposes. It will be beautiful, romantic, and it will be great for any photos if you are opting for a photographer or intend to take pics during or after she says yes.

Place The Ring In Flowers

Another way to incorporate flowers into your engagement is to give her flowers and tuck the ring inside the arrangement. You could place the ring nestled into the petals, around a little leaf, or even just sitting among many blossoms in a tightly packed arrangement of blooms.

Opt For Her Favorite Flowers

Everybody has their own favorite flowers. While roses are the most popular flower to share in a romantic setting, other flowers can be sweet too. Maybe she is a peony or a daisy fan. Perhaps she loves a gladiola or an orchid. They can be small, large, understated, extravagant, bright, or neutral. Choose the flowers you know she loves most! All flowers can be romantic and get you that yes you are looking for.

No matter how you choose to adapt flowers to your proposal plan, they are always a good idea. You can even include more than one of these flower elements when you pop the question. The more flowers, the more you will show her how precious she is to you and how romantic you will make every day with her for the rest of your lives together.