Reprioritizing and Taking A Step Back

Reprioritizing and Taking A Step Back

A New Year With New Priorities

2020 was an interesting year, to say the least. It was a year that most of us want to forget, but if you truly sit down to think about how it all went down, there are some incredible lessons to absorb and take with you into 2021.

What 2020 Taught Us

There is Beauty in Simplicity

The pandemic has truly brought us back to basics in terms of how we operate in our daily lives. And while we may have had to make sacrifices in terms of the conveniences we’ve grown accustomed to, perhaps it is exactly what we needed to appreciate the simpler things in life. Many of us have been given the gift of time. We have been granted opportunities to be home with our family far more than we would have otherwise, in many cases. And that is something to truly cherish.

Unsung Heroes

What we considered to be incredible achievements or great feats have surely been adjusted, and we are appreciating those who are truly at the forefront of managing this pandemic. Healthcare workers, teachers, small business operators, and the like, all working tirelessly to come up with countless ways to keep us all afloat, healthy, and alive. It truly has been inspiring to watch the world transform this way and see people come together the way they have. It is humbling to watch.

In Touch with Nature

Before the pandemic, many of us were trapped in the grind of keeping it all together. Work, school drop-offs, making dinner, packing lunches, we were all so busy that we simply didn’t have time to think about taking a step back and appreciating nature. It was a luxury we often just did not put on the top of our list. The pandemic has forced us to get in touch with nature again, and in turn, our hearts and souls. The décor trends and top colors of 2021 are even filled with nature-inspired themes, such as green tones, natural fibers, plants, and flowers, which are taking over homes far and wide through this time.

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The Earth

With people staying home a whole lot more, the earth has benefited from a reduction in pollution levels. It’s allowed us all to breathe a little easier, and mother nature is enjoying a well-deserved rest from a bombardment of pollutants.

Creativity Has Flourished

Creativity has truly been at the forefront of this pandemic. Between having the time to tap into long-overdue DIY projects, renovations, artwork, music, our passions, it’s allowed us to feel inspired. This has been a time to reconnect with our hobbies and interests. It has also allowed those in healthcare and many other industries to consider creative ways to get us through these trying times a little easier.