Rose-Inspired Milestone Birthday Gift Ideas

Rose-Inspired Milestone Birthday Gift Ideas

Mark Special Birthdays With a Rose-Inspired Gift

Every birthday is special, but some celebrations are extra important. These milestones mark transitional periods during life and are celebrated for the growth they symbolize. These can include birthdays that mark the beginning of a new “decade” of your life, like your thirties or forties. They also include birthdays that open new doors into adulthood, like 18 and 21.

Mark these milestone birthdays with a gift that embraces these ages. Check out our suggestions below on how to incorporate roses into these gifts.

18th Birthday

This is an exciting milestone, as it symbolizes the transition from childhood to young adulthood. As this age still falls within teenage years, gifts should be fun and light, though it’s a good idea to add one sophisticated gift in the mix. A set of 18 roses makes a perfect gift that shows encouragement for the approaching adult years.


21st Birthday

This milestone marks the scary, exciting transition into adulthood – for real this time. The world opens up when you turn 21, and this age should be celebrated with a gift that recognizes this. A party outfit or a cocktail kit are both enticing options. On the other hand, you may want to include a gift that allows the 21-year-old in your life to keep a bit of their youth forever – a rose teddy bear is both sophisticated and nostalgic. 

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25th Birthday

Some are proud to reach this prolific milestone, while others fall into a quarter-life crisis at the mere thought of adulthood. Either way, this age marks a time when people truly start thinking about their life’s goals. A fancy journal or planner makes a great gift for a 25-year old, but don’t forget to pair it with a set of 25 roses.


30th Birthday

What a confusing age. At 30, you’re technically a full-grown adult, but you still feel like you were in high school yesterday. Gifts that are both practical and fun are perfect for this milestone, as any 30-year-old wants to be good at being an adult. Home decor gifts are great too, as many gain a newfound appreciation for their living space at this age. Rose arrangements are a perfect way to provide a sleek, stylish decoration.


40th Birthday

Many fear the day they enter their forties, but this age is completely admirable. With your forties comes wisdom and character, plus a sharp perspective on the world. Those who turn 40 want gifts that embrace their newfound maturity, but also speak to their forever-young spirit.

Wine and jewelry are excellent gifts for this age, but if you’re looking for something more sophisticated, consider gifting a luxury rose arrangement, and pair it with a striking candle that evokes luxury.

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50th Birthday

Your loved one is halfway to a hundred, and that’s worth celebrating. This special milestone deserves to be celebrated in style, so consider gifts that ooze royalty. Consider giving a bouquet of colorful rose dipped in 24-karat gold and top it off with a brand new tiara. Or kick it up a notch with a custom arrangement of 

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