Ten Ways To Say Sorry To Your Significant Other

Ten Ways To Say Sorry To Your Significant Other

Rescue Your Relationship With These Apology Prompts

Even the closest couples have rough patches. Good relationships are worth fighting for, and sometimes, that means you’ll face disagreements.

With a strong, sincere apology, you’ll show your significant other that you’re willing to take accountability for the sake of love. Still, it can be hard to form an apology that comes across sincerely. Consider these options.

10 Ways To Say “I’m Sorry”

Show Them With Actions, Not Just Words

You may have heard of “love languages” – created by Dr. Gary Chapman. If not, essentially, they form a theory of what displays of love individuals respond positively to. Consider your partner’s love language: while a verbal apology seems like an obvious route, you may fare better with gifts, acts of service, or quality time.

Do Something Sincere and Thoughtful

Sometimes, actions speak louder than words. An unexpected gesture of love will show your partner that you’re willing to put the work in. Consider completing a chore or task for your partner, or add a splash of romance.

Luxury Rose Arrangement

Flowers are a must for a successful apology. To show you truly care, consider something bold, like a luxury rose arrangement. A dome-shaped rose arrangement tucked in a suede box makes for a classy choice, while a rose teddy bear is undeniably cute. For an added personal touch, you may choose to customize a rose arrangement through Dose of Roses.

Say It With a Card

A card is both formal and heartfelt, making it a solid method of getting your feelings across. Whether your card is store-bought, handmade, humorous, or earnest, the most important part is what you write. Be sure to clearly demonstrate that your apology is genuine.


Your significant other lights up your world, so light up theirs with a stunning piece of jewelry. Be sure to communicate that the new bling isn’t meant to distract your partner from your disagreement, but to symbolize commitment.

Make Their Favourite Meal

Sometimes, the way to one’s heart is through their stomach. By making your significant other a meal of their choosing, you’ll display a sense of thoughtfulness. Be sure to pay close attention to the presentation of the meal.

Write Them a Letter

There’s nothing more romantic than receiving a love letter. When verbal exchanges don’t seem like the right call, consider putting pen to paper. You may choose to write with sorrow, humor, and plain sincerity – whatever seems genuine. Don’t go too off-topic, though, and definitely don’t forget to ask for forgiveness.

Use Humor

They say that laughter is the best medicine, and that applies to relationship troubles, too. Work humor into your apology by calling back to an inside joke, or use witty, clever language in your apology.

Leave Sticky Notes

Sticky notes are colorful and cute, and they dazzle any message. Brighten your partner’s day by communicating your apology through sticky notes. For each note, write one commitment or change you promise to make.

Plan An Amazing Date

The most classic way to refuel a relationship is through planning a perfect date. Find a nice spot, and woo your partner with a nice meal, a bottle of wine, and an elegant display of roses.

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The Takeaway

Whether you choose one of these methods or create your own, you need to be sincere. Asking for forgiveness can be a scary, pressure-inducing task, but for true love, it’s worth it.