The Best Flower-Inspired Songs

The Best Flower-Inspired Songs

These Songs Feature Lyrics About Roses, Dandelions, and More

Roses are mysterious flowers that represent beauty, love, and passion. That makes them the perfect object to write song lyrics about. In fact, there are plenty of popular songs that use flowers as analogies or metaphors, or they reference flowers as a relevant part of the song’s story.

How many tunes with flowery lyrics can you name off the top of your head? Read our list of the best flower-inspired songs.

Our Favorite Songs With Lyrics About Flowers

Kiss From a Rose

This love song from U.K. singer Seal became a #1 hit in 1995. The lyrics describe a love that brings vivid color to an otherwise dull, gray life.

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Flowers In Your Hair

This song by indie-folk band, the Lumineers, features bittersweet lyrics about love and nostalgia. The narrator describes a girl he grew up with, identifying her by the flowers in her hair. He realizes that he is in love with her, and hopes it’s not too late to win her affections.

Every Rose Has Its Thorn

Rock band Poison originally recorded this power ballad in 1988, but it has since been covered by many artists and is often considered a karaoke classic. The heartbreaking lyrics were inspired by a true story: writer and vocalist Bret Michaels called his girlfriend on a payphone and heard an unfamiliar male voice in the background of the call. Heartbroken, he wrote “Every Rose Has Its Thorn.”


An Iris is a purple flower with an intricate shape. The flower shares its name with a song by alternative band, the Goo Goo Dolls. “Iris” was written for the 1998 film City of Angels, and the vulnerable lyrics describe passionate emotions. Interestingly, the word “iris” is not said once in the song’s lyrics.

I Never Promised You a Rose Garden

This ‘60s country hit was recorded by many artists, but the most popular version was made famous by North Dakota-born Lynn Anderson. In the song’s lyrics, the narrator defends her shortcomings against a partner who is frustrated or disappointed in them.


Tom Petty was one of the biggest heartland rock hit makers, and “Wildflowers” was one of the singer’s best. The song’s narrator sings about a lost loved one, saying they deserve to be buried somewhere special, like among the wildflowers.


Country music star Kacey Musgraves wrote and recorded this song for her 2013 album, Same Trailer Different Park. The lyrics compare a failed relationship to a myth about the title flower. Musgraves laments over the fact that, like a wish made on a dandelion, her lover disappointed her.


Post Malone and Swae Lee collaborated on this recent hit. The song compares a tested relationship to a sunflower’s survival. These flowers are particularly resilient in tough environments, and the romantic subject of the song seems to share that resilience.