The Importance and Significance of LGBTQ History Month

The Importance and Significance of LGBTQ History Month

Celebrating LGBTQ History Month and Its Trailblazers

It seems that now, more than ever, our freedoms and liberties are at stake. COVID-19, along with our current political climate, seems to be testing our patience and tolerance at times when we are experiencing significant changes in our lives. Voices are being heard all over the world. Protests are front and centre news. Messages are being heard, whether negative or positive.

LGBTQ Trailblazers paved the way for so many.  Without them, we would not be where we are today. Our collective voices, however, have never needed to be louder.  We cannot become complacent. We must celebrate those who paved the way for us throughout history. We must celebrate our achievements and how far we have come towards achieving equality. We must continue the fight. We must keep the conversation flowing as to not allow our history to be re-written by intolerance and judgment.

Celebrating this historical month is not just about honouring those who have fought for our rights. It is about keeping our voices alive. It’s about exposure and keeping the importance of our rights, top-of-mind so that we are never forgotten and so that we can keep pushing equality forward.

The Bigger Picture

History does not change without pioneers. They are the reason we are here today. In 1969, an Uprising took place in Manhattan. The Stonewall Uprising. This single event tipped the scales for the most significant Gay Liberation movement in the United States and has led to a domino effect of positive change. For those who fought. Those who stood up for equal rights. Those who marched in protest for the rights of millions, we must celebrate. Today more than we ever have.

The Significance of Today

If voices had this significant of an outcome then, imagine the impact of today. With social media being paramount in our everyday lives, information is at our fingertips, accessed and absorbed today more than it ever has been. We must seize the opportunity to keep the message alive, not only among our own networks but our virtual networks as well.  

Image from CNN: Courage and sacrifice: 6 activists behind LGBTQ progress

The Icons

The Icons who have blazed trails for the community are the reason the LGBTQ community has come such a long way. We should all take the time to understand the impact they have had on each one of our lives and the freedoms we enjoy today.  

Nikolay Alexeyev, Deborah Batts, Angie Craig, Emily Dickinson, Felecia Elizondo, Rob Epstein, Emile Griffith, Menaka Guruswamy and Arundhati Katju, Alexander von Humboldt, Christopher Isherwood, Moisees KaufmanMarsha P. Johnson & Sylvia Rivera, Billie Jean KingHarvey MilkAudre LordeLarry KramerLori Lightfoot, RuPaul Charles, among so many others.

Honor Yourself, The Icons, Your Friends, Your Family.  

We are all united. Support, gratitude and love should be at the forefront of this significant month. Show those you love, those who have fought for your rights, those who have suffered through feelings of inequality, that you believe in thema symbol of unity. Show your gratitude. Show them that their voices are being heard. Because through celebrations, we offer an ear, we offer a voice, we offer support, and we offer visibility to a community that needs us now, more than ever. 


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