The Most Romantic Music Videos in History

The Most Romantic Music Videos in History

Watch These Iconic Videos With Your Lover

When you’re in love, the right song can lift you even higher. A romantic tune begs for one thing: a music video that matches its level of heart-wrenching excitement. Check out our list of the most romantic music videos of all time. These clips are gorgeous to look at and feature storylines that could easily be adapted into big-budget romance films.

7 Totally Romantic Music Videos

Aha, “Take On Me”

This classic ‘80s hit is paired with a nostalgic video that illustrates a love story that transcends reality. In the video, a young woman is pulled into a comic book and falls for a cartoon hero.

Taylor Swift, “Lover”

Taylor Swift has always written songs about romance but never before had she described the feeling with as much precision as she did on this ballad. The song’s video features brightly decorated houses shared by T-Swift and her on-screen partner.

Kanye West, “Bound 2”

Whether you love him or hate him, you can’t deny that Kanye West’s marriage to Kim Kardashian was one of the defining pop culture moments of the last decade. The video for his song “Bound 2” became iconic instantly, as it features the two newlyweds kissing on a motorcycle against a breathtaking sunset. So simple yet so controversial. 

LCD Soundsystem, “Oh Baby”

Electronic music act LCD Soundsystem shocked fans when they released this star-studded video in 2018. It was directed by ‘Star Wars’ director Rian Johnson and stars Sissy Spacek and David Strathairn as two scientists building a teleportation device. This sci-fi love story takes a dark turn, and the two lovers use their device to protect each other. 

John Legend, “All of Me”

John Legend wrote “All of Me” for his wife, Chrissy Teigen, so it’s not surprising that she stars in the track’s video. When this ballad came out in 2013, it instantly became a favorite among date night, wedding, and anniversary-themed playlists. 

Lana Del Rey, “National Anthem”

This video puts a modern twist on the story of a real-life historical couple. In the ‘60s-inspired clip, Lana Del Rey stars as both Marilyn Monroe and Jackie Kennedy, while rapper A$AP Rocky plays President John F. Kennedy. Together, the two stars recreate the Kennedys’ love story, ending with JFK’s assassination.

Mariah Carey, “Always Be My Baby” 

This upbeat ‘90s tune might sound bubbly, but the lyrics are bittersweet. Mariah Carey sings about a relationship that has fizzled out but will always remain important to her. In the video, Carey appears at a campsite and retells a story of young love. The clip then features scenes of the children exploring the outdoors together.

Whether you choose to have a Valentine’s Day music video marathon, or you’re just looking for a tune to put you in a better mood, we hope these videos fill your heart as much as they filled ours.