The Top 5 Flower-Producing Countries in World

The Top 5 Flower-Producing Countries in World

These Countries Grow Billions Of Flowers Each Year

The floral industry helps spread nature’s greatest gift around the world. Billions of flowers are grown each year, and are shared from country to country so the whole world can appreciate their beauty. But which countries are responsible for growing, spreading and taking care of the most flowers? These are the five most lucrative countries in the floral industry. 

The Netherlands 

The floral industry is huge in the Netherlands. In fact, this European country is responsible for producing more than half of the world’s flowers. Each year, the Netherlands typically exports about $3 billion worth of tulips, roses, and lilies. 


Ecuador produces the world’s biggest and brightest roses, so it’s no wonder this country found success in the floral industry. Flower fanatics all over the world love Ecuadorian flowers, which explains why it accounts for a huge portion of the world’s flower exports. 


Colombia is known for popular exports like coffee and gold. But did you know that this South American country also exports more than a billion dollars’ worth of flowers per year? Known for its stunning carnations, orchids, and roses, Colombian florists succeed due to the country’s vibrant range of climates and ecosystems. 


This East African country is home to plenty of exciting climates: gorgeous savannas, vivid forests, and much more. The country’s blend of climates contributes to its ability to produce plenty of beautiful flowers. Kenya’s floral industry grows each year, thanks to the country’s production of marvelous roses, carnations, and Alstromeria 


Ethiopia made its mark on the floral industry fairly recently, having seen its first rush of success in the 1990’s. This landlocked African country has developed its floral industry at an impressive pace. This is likely due to the country’s tropical climate, which produces a variety of altitudes that are perfect for flower cultivation. 

Why Ecuadorian Flowers are the Best 

Want to know which country produces the best flowers? It’s Ecuador! 

Thanks to its ideal climate conditions, this South American country grows roses that bloom huge petals and last longer than most flowers. Ecuador has diverse conditions that allow the roses to bloom brightly and in many vivid colors. Flowers are believed to lose about 15 percent of their quality each day from their growth. For that reason, long-lasting flowers are an ideal option. 

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