These alluring roses are endangered

These alluring roses are endangered

You’d be lucky to see these flowers in your garden

There are more than 400,000 types of flowers on Earth, and each flower tells a story. Some are prized for their radiant beauty, while others are rich in geographical history. A few flowers, however, tell a story of survival. That’s because they are endangered. When you hear the phrase “endangered species,” you probably think about animals, like polar bears and tigers.

Flowers can face extinction too. Check out these rare flowers, and learn how you can ensure that your flowers are picked ethically.

Background About Endangered Flowers

A species is considered endangered when its ability to reproduce is critically low. Usually, there are only a few hundred units left of a species that is endangered.

A flower could become endangered for many reasons. Most commonly, they face habitat destruction, or the effects of changing temperatures.

What Types of Roses Are Endangered Or Super Rare?

Just because a species is rare, it isn’t necessarily endangered, and vice versa. A rare species simply exists at a low population, while an endangered species faces the threat of extinction.

If you’ve found any of the flowers on this list in your backyard, consider yourself lucky.

‘Gruss an Aachen’ Rose

The petals of this stunning rose look like a portrait of a sunrise, so it’s no wonder why this rose is often fought over. The flower has a rich history too. It was originally bred by Polish horticulturist Wilhelm Hinner, who was as dramatic as the flower’s colors. He often fought with other gardeners over the practices and implications of flower breeding.


First bred by German rosarian Hermann Kiese, the Tausendschon stands out for its polarizing petals that vary from pink to white. These rare beauties brighten any garden or decorative display.

Middlemist Red – Middlemist Camellia

Named after gardener John Middlemist, these radiant red flowers feature a hypnotizing pattern. Middlemist brought them from China to Britain as a luxury item in the 1800s. Tragically, these flowers were neglected over time. Now, there are reportedly only a few of these flowers living on Earth.

Juliet Rose

This dazzling peach-colored rose is bursting with luxury. It takes a decade to develop, and some have been known to sell for more than $10 million dollars.

Choose Dose of Roses

Whether you’re gifting a bouquet of flowers to a loved one or treating yourself, you may feel compelled to pick ethically. Picking a flower that is endangered threatens the species’ life. Instead, consider ordering flowers from Dose of Roses.

Good-quality roses require delicate care. Dose of Roses uses roses from an Ecuador farm that are carefully cultivated until they are fully bloomed. Roses grow red naturally, so to create colored roses, the original red hue is stripped using a non-toxic bleach. Then, each rose is treated with non-toxic wax and natural oils.

These roses are also long-lasting, offering an alternative to flowers that die shortly after they are purchased.

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The Takeaway

Endangered and rare flowers have compelling stories that would intrigue anyone with interest in wildlife. Still, it’s important to consider the livelihood of these species when gifting flowers.