Tips For Choosing Flowers For the Perfect Bridal Bouquet

Tips For Choosing Flowers For the Perfect Bridal Bouquet

Ideas For Building a Stunning Bouquet For Your Big Day 

The blooms you carry down the aisle should suit you in every way. You’ll be holding them all day, so you want your bouquet to look as stunning as you will! They should create an impact as an accessory that's as unique as your personality and your sense of style. Here's how to select all the elements of your bouquet. 

Tips For Choosing The Perfect Bouquet 

Follow these tips to create a bouquet that reflects your personality and style.  

Consider Your Theme 

Your color scheme and overall wedding theme are typically two of the first things you think about when planning your wedding. You want to make sure there’s a cohesive vibe throughout the whole day and through every element—including your bouquet! Of course, it will be difficult to get an exact match, especially if you’ve chosen really unique wedding colors. But it’s a good idea to stick with similar or complementary shades.  

Make Sure It Looks Good With Your Dress 

A good tip is to bring a picture of your dress when choosing florals. The color of your dress, whether it’s white, ivory, or cream, will change the kind of flower your florist might use in your bouquet. Your florists can recommend the right type of bloom to work well with the exact color of your dress. If you’re having your dress made, ask your dressmaker for any spare material that you can bring with you to your florist appointment.  

Make Sure It Ties Into Other Elements 

Good flowers elevate the whole look of your wedding by creating cohesion amongst separate elements. Your florist should work with you to tie in elements and colors from your bouquet with the general wedding décor, including your table centerpieces, your bridesmaids’ dresses, and their bouquets.  

Determine How Big You Want It 

If you have a very detailed, dramatic or intricate dress, you may not want a huge, voluminous bouquet. But if you have a simple with minimal detail or a dress with a long train at the back of your dress you might want to balance the look with a more dramatic bouquet in the front. But, make sure your bouquet isn’t too big that it hides your waist or décolleté, or drowns you out.  

Match The Tone Of Your Wedding  

The tone of your ceremony could serve as a guide your bouquet style. If you’re hosting a laid-back outdoor wedding, consider a mix of wildflowers and elements of whimsical greenery. Going for something with a more traditional? Your bouquet should probably be a bit more timeless and more structured using florals like roses with short stems.