Tips For Decorating a Classy and Luxurious Bachelor Party

Tips For Decorating a Classy and Luxurious Bachelor Party

Celebrate Your Bachelor Party In Style With These Chic Tips

Bachelor parties allow grooms to celebrate their last burst of “freedom” before the big day. Some grooms prefer their bachelor parties to be a night of rebellion and debauchery, but others prefer a classy affair.

If you’re hosting a bachelor party for yourself, a brother, or a close friend, consider these tips for a sophisticated party you’ll never forget.

How To Decorate A Totally Sophisticated Bachelor Party

Make Stylish Invitations

The first step to creating your dream bachelor party is distributing invitations. They should be creative, bold, and set up guests to expect an event that is more modest than mischievous.

Pick a Theme

Choosing a sophisticated theme will help create a sense of consistency among your further decorative efforts. You could base your theme on a particular decade, like the 1920s or 1950s. You could also choose a color scheme, like burgundy and black, muted grey, or silver and gold.

Decorate With Roses

Flowers are a great addition to any party, and no flower is more luxurious or sophisticated than a rose. This bold blooming beauty symbolizes strength and passion, making it the perfect item to decorate with. Spread individual roses around the room or decorate with a luxurious arrangement.


Simplicity Is Key

If you're not familiar with decorating, then you should know how easy it is to go overboard. If you’re going for a more chic look, you’ll want to limit the amount of decorations you use. Spread out your decorations, and their elegance will be more clear.

Lighting Is A Must

Whether your venue is indoors, outdoors, a rented space or in your home, you’ll want the lighting to be just right. Candles, hanging lights, and thoughtfully-positioned lamps provide an easy way to create an intimate, classy ensemble.

Use Marvelous Glassware

If you’re planning on serving wine, beer, champagne, or other liquor, pay close attention to the glassware you choose. Using glassware that's thick, heavy, and glimers with elegance is an easy-but-effective way to add a splash of luxury to your party.

Looking For A Sober Option? Host a Tee Party

Not everyone wants to get tipsy at their bachelor party – especially if keeping it classy is your goal. Alternatively, you could host a tee party (see what we did there?). Decorate the table with golf paraphernalia, finger foods and ice tea, and have a putting corner with golf video games. Give your guests the opportunity to try to take a few points off their short game.

Hire a Professional Photographer/Videographer

If you plan on capturing the memories made from your bachelor party, don’t settle for selfies. Hire a professional photographer and videographer and stage the GQ photoshoot for the gentleman. Make sure that your guests want to be photographed first, though. After all, some say that what happens at a bachelor party should stay at a bachelor party.

With the right decorations, your bachelor party won’t just be a milestone, but a snazzy phenomenon that puts a huge smile on a lucky groom's face.