Tips on Showing Appreciation to Your Employer

Tips on Showing Appreciation to Your Employer

Saying Thank You to Your Employer 

Hopefully, you have been blessed with an employer who values you and the work you contribute to the organization. You may want to extend some of the love to your employer as well.  

How to Express Gratitude to Your Employer

A Simple Thank You

Set some time aside with your boss, or even the head of the company if you can squeeze a meeting in with them. A genuine and heartfelt thank you and expressing the reasons why you are grateful to your employer is a wonderful way to connect with them and help them understand the impact they have had on you and, perhaps, others.


A Personalized Gift

If you are grateful to someone in particular, such as your boss, you may want to get a personalized gift for them. Perhaps your office has appreciation awards which are typically handed to employees. But your boss is an employee too. Who’s to say they cannot get an award or personal gift from you?  

Work Hard – Take On Something Extra

If your boss is showing appreciation to you, chances are, you are a hard worker. Maybe there is a little something extra you could do to help them out and show your appreciation. This is a great opportunity to share your gratitude with them and take a little something off their plate as a thank you to them.


A nice card or letter with a personal message can go a long way. It is also a keepsake that can be read often.

Gift Certificate

A great way to show appreciation is a gift certificate along with a personal note or message. Many opt for a gift certificate to their favourite coffee shop.

Expressing gratitude to your employer or boss is a great way to make them feel like their efforts are not going unnoticed. Everyone loves to feel appreciated for their work and your boss is no exception. They are as human as you are and that’s sometimes forgotten. If you’re grateful to your employer for having given you a shot, or because they believe in you and the work that you do, express that to them. It will go a long way for your relationship with your employer.