woman holding a newborn in her living room with pink balloons to the right of the frame

Unique Ideas to Celebrate New Parents and Homeowners Alike

Adding Warmth to Housewarming Gifts for New Parents

There is nothing quite like the milestone of both purchasing a home and welcoming a child into your life. Oftentimes, these two milestones happen at around the same time.

In this article, we explore some truly beautiful and unique gift ideas to celebrate these milestones with those you love.

Pink and/or Blue Rose Bear

Pink and blue have truly become classic colors for nurseries over the years. Adding luxurious personal touches in these colors offers timeless and natural beauty to both a new home and baby’s nursery. Contained in a circular marbled box and lasting up to 5 years, this piece represents clarity, stability, unity, and eternity and offers the warm touch of a classic teddy bear.

Featured Collection: ROSE BEAR

Nursery Decor

Every parent dreams of a loving and peaceful environment in which their child can flourish. Adding a unique, elegant, and natural piece to baby’s nursery can provide lasting enjoyment and tranquility to their room. Items that represent the beauty of nature can enhance nurseries and provide a tremendous sense of peace for both parents and babies.

Rose Arrangement

There is nothing quite like the classic beauty of a rose. Our unique preservation process allows for years and sometimes even a lifetime of enjoyment. Meticulously crafted and picked at the peak of elegance and beauty, Dose of Roses offers an unparalleled twist to the most desirable bouquet of roses.


Luxury Chocolates

What better way to lavish a new mom and/or dad with the gift of gourmet chocolates. These infused truffles, which are handcrafted in Los Angeles and feature edible art, patterns, and prints, are sure to make anyone feel special and loved.

Featured Product: DOSE OF CHOCOLATES

Rose Makeup Box

This truly unique gift is a multi-purpose box crafted with real preserved roses in one of its many compartments. A gift that can be used and enjoyed daily, providing the beauty and richness of roses for years to come.

Featured Product: THE ROSE MAKEUP BOX

Goddess Candle

What better way to honor the goddess in your life than a beautiful candle shaped like one. Named after the Greek Goddess, Aphrodite, this luxurious blend of oils and perfumes embodies everything she stands for.

Love, beauty, passion and pleasure. The shape of this candle opens her heart, invites connection, and enhances her beautiful spirit. Crafted with the highest quality Coconut, Beeswax, and Apricot oil, this candle is a naturally beautiful addition to any home.

Featured Product: THE GODDESS CANDLE

A Unique Mobile

Your baby will spend a lot of time admiring a mobile. They are soothing and help transition your child into a restful sleep, all while exposing them to the wonders of music, rhythm, and movement. These pieces should be a reflection of your family’s uniqueness or what you view as beautiful, peaceful and tranquil.

Whiskey and Wine

A premium bottle of wine and/or whiskey for a tired Mom and Dad goes a long way. Whether it’s to celebrate their achievements together or to provide them with some well-deserved downtime, this gift is a luxurious and elegant choice for any new parent.

A Luxurious Spa Treatment

There are few things in life that can offer total relaxation like that of a spa treatment. This experience can completely rejuvenate the spirit, mind, and body of new parents and homeowners alike.

There are so many great options when getting a gift for friends and family who have just welcomed a child into this world. When in doubt, don't overthink it. Go with something simple, elegant, and thoughtful—it'll go a long way, trust us!