What To Do With Your Honeymoon Stash

What To Do With Your Honeymoon Stash

Saving a Fund For After The Wedding? Here’s How To Spend It

For most newlyweds, the wedding and honeymoon both take a lot of time, energy, and funding. However, it’s recommended that you also plan for what happens after the wedding and honeymoon end. You’ll be building a life together, and there are many aspirations you might have as a couple. That’s why it’s smart to keep a honeymoon stash – in other words, an extra fund for life after the wedding.

Here are some popular “next steps” for newlyweds.

How Couples Should Fund Their Future After The Honeymoon

New Home 

For many newlyweds, owning a home is the main goal following the honeymoon. You and your partner may be living together in an apartment, or living separately. Living in a new home together will make your marriage feel real. Even if you already own a home together, you might choose to upgrade so you have more space to start a family. 


It’s time to turn your living space into a dream home. If you’ve been waiting to develop a charming new kitchen interior, or add a new patio to the backyard, after the honeymoon might be the right time.

New Car

A car is a common purchase for newlyweds – especially if only one partner has a vehicle. It’s common for couples to share a car, but this can often create inconveniences. If neither of you owns a vehicle, this purchase is certainly even more appealing.


Whether you’re 25 or 55, retirement can sneak up on you fast. It’s not a bad idea to start saving as early as you can. This will reduce stress when the time to retire comes, and you and your spouse will be able to retire together and live out some of your dreams.

Baby Planning

Starting a family is an important aspiration for many couples. It’s also more expensive to raise a child than most people realize. For that reason, it’s smart to save as much as you can in advance.


Staying on top of finances as a couple could help you down the line. In fact, some investment options are aimed specifically at couples. By investing together, you’ll set yourself up to complete other projects on your list.

Home Decor Gifts

You and your partner want to build a great life together, and that starts at home. If you’re not ready for expensive renovations or massive home projects, start small with simple-but-effective decorations. Art pieces can make a room feel special, and rose arrangements add a splash of vibrance and beauty to any decorative arrangement. 


By giving some thought to what you and your spouse want to do with your savings, you’ll bring more joy to your relationship and live out the future you’ve always dreamt of.