What to Get Someone Who Hates Valentine’s Day

What to Get Someone Who Hates Valentine’s Day

Gifts For Valentine’s Day Haters

Normally, it’s easy to choose a Valentine’s Day gift for your partner. Flowers and chocolate are classic choices, and there are plenty of ways to amplify your gift selections with a dazzle of romance.

But what if your partner hates romance? Some partners dread Valentine’s Day, believing that the romantic symbolism is cheesy and forced.

You still want to give your partner something they’ll love, but you want to honor their contempt towards Valentine’s Day. Consider our gift suggestions, and you’ll pull off a V-Day miracle.

Gift Ideas For Partners Who Hate Valentine’s Day

Black Roses

Valentine’s Day is usually associated with red and pink flowers. Put a mysterious twist on this classic gift by getting black roses. They still have the passionate aura of romance that brighter roses provide, but they offer a different perspective that’s sure to mystify your partner.


Candy Hearts With Anti-Love Sentiments

You’re used to seeing romantic messages on those colorful little candy hearts: “kiss me” and “you’re mine,” among other phrases. Looking for a clever twist on this gift? You can get candy hearts with snarky messages that poke fun at the head-over-heels nature of Valentine’s Day.

Self-Care Gifts

No matter how deep in love you are, it’s healthy for partners to have their alone time. Give your partner something they can enjoy on their own. They’ll enjoy their private time and be perfectly refueled when they return for quality time with you.

Concert Tickets

It doesn’t matter how much your partner rejects the idea of Valentine’s Day gifts: there’s no way they’ll say no to seeing their favorite musician live. Concert tickets make the perfect gift for anyone who would rather be screaming along to song lyrics than watching a romantic movie.

Sassy T-Shirt, Bracelet, or Pin

Embrace your lover’s anti-Valentine attitude with a piece of snarky apparel. A hopeless romantic might not typically wear a t-shirt that says “go away” or a bracelet that says “no,” but your love-hating partner certainly will.

Noise-Canceling Headphones

Let’s face it: if your partner could, they would block out all the noise created by lovey-dovey couples. Help them do that with a pair of noise-canceling headphones.

Funny Card

Valentine’s Day cards are typically filled with sincere messages and heartfelt poetry. An outrageously funny card is a much better option for your partner. For added laughs, present the card as if it is going to be filled with a completely sincere message.


This is a classic Valentine’s Day gift, but it’ll work for your partner too. Trust us – even Valentine’s Day’s most passionate naysayers still love chocolate.

Your partner might roll their eyes when they see that you’ve gotten them a Valentine’s Day gift. However, they’ll surely be pleased when they see what you’ve picked out. In fact, they might even change their stance on the holiday.