What to Put in a Gift Basket

What to Put in a Gift Basket

Use These Tips to Assemble a Generous Gift Basket 

Whether they’re being given as a gift or presented as a contest prize, gift baskets can always brighten someone’s day. These wicker wonders are packed with small items and provide a sense of warmth and joy. You can pick up a gift basket at a nearby store, but it’s more fun to assemble your own. Wondering what to put in your D.I.Y. gift basket? Look at our foolproof checklist below.

D.I.Y. Gift Basket Checklist


Fresh fruit gives a familiar touch to a gift basket. It makes it seem like you’re really at a farm! A colorful, diverse assortment of fruits can bring life to your basket, but you may choose to decorate with artificial fruits if you’re worried about the items going bad. If you use artificial fruits, make sure to indicate that to the recipient – otherwise, they might bite into a piece of plastic!


Flowers are a must for any gift basket. They add plenty of great qualities: vibrant splashes of color, a pleasant aroma, and a serene embrace of nature. Roses are the best choice, since they symbolize passion and beauty. For the best results, choose a long-lasting preserved rose, rather than a flower that will wilt within the basket.

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Sweets and Goodies

Satisfy any sweet – or savory – tooth with an assortment of tasty treats. Don’t be afraid to have fun with your selections, and even if you’re aiming for a more nutritious basket, you can still find plenty of health-savvy snack options.


For more adult circumstances, liquor is a great inclusion. A small-sized spirit bottle usually does the trick, though you might choose to throw in a mixer too.


Adding a home-friendly item like a candle is a great way to impress the basket’s recipient. It’s amazing how a chunk of scented wax can warm up someone’s day.

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Gift baskets usually have some wellness component, and soap is a solid choice. Whether you choose a dispensable liquid soap or a fancy bar, there’s no way you can go wrong.

Still Stuck? Try These Tips

Pick a Theme 

If you know that the recipient of the basket has a particular interest, you may choose to incorporate it into your item selection. This could mean you only include nutrition or wellness-based products, or you choose items that follow a specific diet, like vegan or gluten-free. It could also mean you choose items that are from a particular part of the world. This is your chance to get creative!

Don’t Forget The Exterior Decorations

A gift basket isn’t just about the items that go inside – you need to think of presentation, too. Carefully wrap the basket in cellophane and choose a colorful ribbon that accents your basket’s beauty.

Whether you’re a crafty gift-giver or simply stuck, a gift basket is an instant crowd-pleaser. It doesn’t have to be stressful putting one together, and we hope our tips have proved that.