What Your Favourite Flower Says About You

What Your Favorite Flower Says About You

What Your Floral Preferences Reveal About Your Personality

Everybody has a favorite flower – one that makes them light up when someone presents it to them. But what does this say about your personality? Keep reading to find out!

red roses

Red Roses

You are timeless, romantic and elegant, just like your favorite flower. People are automatically drawn to your looks and personality, and you don’t mind being the centre of attention. Just like a rose, you require care, patience, and attention to really thrive in a relationship. You’re feminine, you love tradition, and you always strive for perfection.

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pink roses

Pink Roses

Pink roses represent admiration and appreciation. Typically, lovers of pink roses are very attentive, gentle, and graceful. Friends and loved ones usually call you elegant and sweet, and everyone loves to be around you. And because you’re a rose lover, you’re still a romantic deep down inside!

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white roses

White Roses

You are someone who is very childlike at heart. Friends often come to you for your pure, innocent, and optimistic outlook on life. People admire your ability to see the bright side of any situation. Fairy tales and everlasting love is something you believe in, and you can’t wait to find your Prince Charming one day.

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purple tulips


You’re sweet, sensitive, and thoughtful. You love to travel, spend time with loved ones, and capture photos of your happy memories along the way. You have no trouble making friends and getting along with strangers. You’re very warm and friendly with everyone.

pink and white orchids


You’re the life of the party and the talk of the town. You can make friends with anyone and typically have a really large social circle. Some would call you popular, but you don’t think of yourself that way. Even though you know a lot of people, you only trust a select few. You can be quite private with the things you really care about.

white and pink lilies


Anyone who is able to call you a friend is a very lucky person because you are the sort of person friends turn to if they need help. You’re giving and caring, and people admire your willingness to go out of your way for friends and strangers alike. You’re an expert at making people smile!



You have a big and bright personality! You are an extrovert who has no trouble making new friends. You are an avid traveller who can make the best out of anywhere or any situation they find themselves in. You’re very independent and strong. People admire you because you’re not afraid to stand out or stand up for yourself and those that you love.

pink and white peonies


You are classic, just like their favorite flower. You don’t need much attention to be happy, but you like it when people go out of their way to show they care about you. You love to spend time with those you love but are also happy to curl up on the couch, watching your favorite movie. You value balance and strive to keep it in your life. You have a great heart and listen well, and people love spending all night talking with you.