Where Is Your Favorite Flower From?

Where Is Your Favorite Flower From?

Common Florals from Beautiful Destinations


Flowers are one of nature’s most beautiful creations. These vivid, blooming beauties are beloved all over the world, whether you visit the intense tropical regions near the equator or the planet’s breezy oceanside environments. 

You may be curious about where each kind of flower originated. Plenty of research has been done on the origins of flowers, but much of the history of flowers remains a mystery. Keep reading to learn about the believed origins of your favorite flower.

The Birthplace of Five Kinds of Flowers


Known for its bold colors and cup-shaped petals, the tulip is believed to originate in Central Asia. However, the popularity of tulips is most often linked to Turkey in the 16th century. In fact, the word ‘tulip’ actually came from the Turkish word “tulbent,” which is the name for a cheesecloth. During the Ottoman Empire, the Sultan demanded that more of these flowers were cultivated, which led to their burst in global popularity. 


This flower is known for its bright yellow center and outward white petals. Most history buffs believe the daisy’s name was a reference to the flower’s similarity to the sun: “day’s eye” In fact, the daisy’s sun-like design led medicinal figures from distant history to believe the flower could be used to heal various ailments. For example, King Henry VIII thought eating daisies would cure stomach ulcers.

Daisies have been around since at least 2,200 B.C., but the birthplace is not agreed upon. However, the gerbera – the most popular modern daisy – was discovered in South Africa in the late 1800s.


The rose is believed to be 35 million years old, but they became particularly prominent in the 1800s when they were cultivated in China. They were brought to China by travelers from Europe, and since then, these stunning flowers have become a global phenomenon.



These spacious orange flowers originated in both Mexico and Guatemala, but were brought to Europe and North America shortly after their discovery. The fiery flower quickly became popular, and it is now grown all over the world.


This star-like flower originated in Spain and Portugal, but many prefer the daffodil’s origin story from Greek mythology. A handsome, young man named Narcissus was granted immortality and good looks by Greek Gods, under the condition that he did not see his reflection. Eventually, Narcissus fell in love with himself in a lake’s reflection, and faded away. The daffodil, also called the narcissus, appeared in his place. 

It’s always interesting to learn where your favorite flower came from. During the early days of each flower’s life, it would have been hard to snag your favorite flower, but thanks to cultivation efforts over the last few centuries, it’s never been easier to grow a diverse garden.