Which Flower Matches Your Personality Type?

Which Flower Matches Your Personality Type?

Find The Right Flower For You Or Your Loved One

People of all different flocks of life love receiving flowers. Bold leaders, clever creatives, and free-spirits all agree that flowers bring life to any garden, room, or decorative display. But which type of flower matches your personality? And which should you give to a loved one?

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Choose a Personality Trait From This List, and Find Your Perfect Match

Romantic and Passionate

As a passionate romantic, you fall hard for the people and things you love – and you won’t settle for just any flower. Your perfect match is the most beautiful and bold flower you can find: a rose.


Adventurous and Nature-Loving

Do you fawn over Earth’s natural beauties? If you enjoy outdoor adventures, stunning landscapes, and walking on the wild side of life, we know the perfect flower for you. Daisies have bright, sunny centers, and petals that are larger than life, just like you.

Quirky, Creative, and Outgoing

You embrace what makes you different, and you love seeing the world in a unique perspective. That’s what makes poppies perfect for you. Check out these vivid red beauties if you enjoy creating art, making people laugh, or finding new friends everywhere you go.

Thoughtful and Sensitive

Some of us take a calm, caring approach to everything we do. If you’re quiet, introverted, or living in your own world, colorful tulips are the right flower for you.

Compassionate, Kind, and Playful

On the outside, you’re a fun-loving free spirit-- but deep down, you’re a caring, kind soul. There’s only one flower that could match your multidimensional personality: tulips. These flowers are soft and striking at the same time, just like you.

Bold and Classy

Through fashion, style, and decorations, you love making a statement. A classy individual like yourself loves flowers, but which flower truly corresponds to your love of all things bold? Orchids are the flower for you. They’re vibrant and flowing, and they bring out the best in any decorative display.

Cheerful, Bubbly, and Energetic

You take a joyful approach to life, and you’re always smiling from ear to ear. Only one flower can match your bright energy. Of course, it’s the sunflower. This beaming, sunny flower can brighten up anyone’s day, just like you.

Your personality is what makes you unique and special. Now that you’ve found a flower that matches your nature, you know how to sprinkle your personality into decorative displays and gardens.