Why Should You Have Flowers When Staging a Home for Selling?

Why Should You Have Flowers When Staging a Home for Selling?

How to Use Plants To Stage Your Next Luxury Listing

Staging a home can be the difference between convincing a potential buyer and experiencing an unsuccessful open house. You should go that extra mile when decorating your home before an open house, and in this article, we will be discussing exactly how you can do that.

Studies have found that one of the best and most successful ways to stage a home is by using flowers and other greenery. Plants give the home a natural feel, attracting more buyers and interest.

Advantages of Staging With Flowers and Greenery

Colors, Textures, Shapes, and Sizes

You can find plants that come in various colors, textures, shapes, and sizes. Most people are attracted to plants because of how beautiful they are – in fact, flowers are even a popular gift.


Neutral Decorations

One of the best ways to appeal to all buyers when selling your home is by incorporating neutral elements. Nothing is more neutral than plants. They can be used to enhance a room while still keeping it simple, clean, and elegant. 


An Element of the Outdoors

Also, plants can be used to incorporate an element of the outdoors into an indoor area. In other words, apartments and townhouses that don’t have gardens can feel much more open and airy when decorated with greenery.


The Scent

Another great advantage of staging your home with plants is the smell. People are naturally attracted to things that smell good, meaning that the chances of you selling your home will be much greater.

How to Use Plants To Stage Your Home

Don’t Go Overboard

The most important rule to keep in mind when staging your home with plants is not to go overboard. For example, you should not have more than a few plants in a single room, as this contradicts the neutral feel that is very important when trying to appeal to many people.

Use Neutral and Stylish Containers To Hold the Plants

Again, to avoid contradicting that neutral feel, you should opt for stylish and simple containers for your plants. A basic white vase may be the best option when trying to make your home look sleek and neutral.

Stick To a Color Palette

If your home has a white, black, and red color palette, using yellow flowers may not be the best idea. Instead, stick to one color palette, making sure that you do not go overboard with a specific shade.

Apply a Fresh Coat Of Paint

A great way in which you can seamlessly incorporate colorful plants into your staging is by adding a new coat of paint to a feature wall. This can have a huge effect on the blend of a room.

The Takeaway

Studies have found that plants and greenery can be used to make a home more attractive to potential buyers. There are various reasons for this, including their great smell, appearance, and natural feel.

When using plants for staging, it is important that you use natural and stylish containers. You should also ensure that you do not go overboard with the flowers and stick to a specific color palette in order to promote a sleek and neutral feel.