Description of Each Letter for The Rose Letter Box

Content for the all the Letter Boxes we have in the WH




You are attractive, polite open minded and have a serious personality. You always achieve your goals one set.




You are brave, beautiful person and giving up is not in your dictionary. You are a kind charitable and cherish the company of your friends and family members. You are very patient and you reach your goals.




You have a Charismatic and beautiful personality. Your communication skills are exceptional. You stand up for your beliefs and gain self-respect. You have an intelligent mind with astute insight. 




You are a compassionate, attractive and gentle person. You love your freedom. Your magnetic personality and charming smile win you new friends and fans.




You are a very beautiful Caring person. You have the incredible ability to make others feel comfortable around you. You believe in doing good deeds without expecting anything in return




You are a creative individual and a lateral thinker. You are beautiful and charming. You rely a lot on your gut instinct. You like learning new things and Visiting new places.




You are successful, self contained and a natural money maker. You have an imaginative mind. You prefer to rule rather than be ruled. You will be successful in business than in a job.




You are attractive and mentally strong person. You are in constant search of new knowledge to progress in life. People like you for your innocent and helpful nature. You are an imaginative dreamer and have your own way of life.




You are a bright and beautiful person. By nature, you are quite honest. Success comes to you because you work very hard without giving up. You have big aspirations in life and will achieve a lot.




You are self assured and beautiful individual. Generally, you are in charge of the situation. You are affectionate towards your loved ones. You are keen to do some meaningful work in life.




Your actions speak louder than words. You are beautiful, protective, like adventures and you except risks. You have a big heart and believe in philanthropy.




You are very attached and hard-working person. Your absolute resolve and self-confidence bring success to your doorstep. You bring change rather than waiting for it to happen.




You are very intuitive and beautiful person. You are talkative and drink with your opinions. You are talented and have artistic side.




You are very attractive, patient individual and this quality helps you a lot. You have the power to forward your energy to build up your wealth and fame. You are always ready to try new things and to meet new people.




You are beautiful person of much knowledge . With your words and actions, you command influence over your peers. You have your own unique way of doing things.




You have a unique beautiful personality, different from others. You don’t follow trends, instead you set them. You always hold your own in a crowd. There is an aura of mystery around your personality.




You are attractive, compassionate, affectionate and easy going person. You love challenges and will eagerly attack tasks that others Shy away from. You are in open minded person and very romantic.




You have charming and charismatic personality. You love Glamour and being the center of attention. You initiate ideas and events. Your gracious manners win you many friends and fans.




You are broad minded, adorable and very helpful person. You put a great emphasis on being elegant and stylish. Your altruistic nature will take you ahead in life




You are talented and unique person. You love your freedom and independence in life. You are generally lucky in whatever decisions you make and your wit and wisdom loved by your friends




You are very industrious and attractive person. Your enthusiasm knows no bounds. You do not rest till the work on hand is complete. You will accomplish a lot in life because of your dynamic nature.




You are a very expressive and attractive person. You can be trusted with any secret in life. You speak your mind and do not hide things deliberately. You feel very proud of yourself and wise in your decisions.




You are very sensual and attractive person. You like luxury and pleasure in your life. By nature you are indulgent. You are very good at multitasking.




You are very sensitive, beautiful and have an independent personality. You are progressive thinker that excel at inspiring others. You have an inventive mind. You are refined individual who enjoy the good things in life.




You are very romantic and you do not show your feelings easily. you are very sociable. By nature, you have a optimistic and great diplomatic skills that help you come out of difficult situations.

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